I grew up in suburb outside of Kansas City, where life was the typical suburbia. I was told going through school that when I grew up I was suppose to be a doctor or a lawyer, but that never seemed to interest me. It was not until my sophomore year of high school that I discovered my love for the camera. 

I continued with photography through high school and finally decided that when I grew up I wanted to be a photographer. So I packed my bags and moved to Lawrence, Kansas and that was where my true career in photography began. 

I attended the University of Kansas from 2011-2015 majoring in Photography and minoring in business and art history. I did not know what I was going to do with that but I knew that as long as I had my camera and was taking pictures something would come of it.

I now work in Kansas City here and there just trying to discover new and quirky things to photograph. I fill my time with my family, friends and my camera and that is all that I need.

-Paige Kime